SEOKANG Ltd. is equipped with databases relating to a wide variety of technical information on ground investigation, test and measurement, ranging from ground and drilling investigation to geophysical exploration and they are thus used wisely to plan and preliminary design of foundation, suitable recommendations.

Especially, the ground works SEOKANG Ltd. has provided so far includes a broad range of works, such as ground work, in situ load test, field instrumentation and measurement.


  1. Standard penetration test as per ASTM D 1586
  2. Undisturbed Sampling as per ASTM D 1586
  3. Dynamic cone penetration Plate Load Test as per BS 1377
  4. Electric Resistivity Test as per ASTM G57
  5. Pile Load Test as per ASTM D1143
  6. Seismic refraction test

… and other required.


  1. Atterberg Limits as per ASTM D4318
  2. Modified Proctor Compaction Test as per ASTM D698
  3. Particle-size analysis as per ASTM D422 & D1140
  4. Direct shear test as per ASTM D3080
  5. Water/Chemical content as per ASTM G51 and related codes

… and other required.